Updating ports from tcl/tk 8.3 to 8.4

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Sat Oct 18 16:18:52 PDT 2003

Dear Port Maintainer,

You are listed as the maintainer of one or more ports that depends on
tk-8.3 and/or tcl-8.3.  Since version 8.4 has been released for some
time and is considered stable, can you please look into changing your
port over to use the newer versions?  In most cases this seems to be
straightforward, but in some cases minor code changes are required.
If this is the case, can you please contact the software developers
about this?

Don't forget to update the CATEGORIES to include tk84 and/or tcl84, to
bump PORTREVISION (since the dependencies of the port change), and to
check for any explicit references to things like wish8.3 in the source
code that may need to be patched.  Building/running the port on a
system without tcl/tk 8.3 installed is probably a good idea while
testing, to make sure it doesn't autodetect the 8.3 installation.

For non-committers, patches should be submitted via send-pr, as usual.

Here is the list of ports that depend on 8.3 in the default case:

/usr/ports/databases/grass	reg at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/devel/p5-Inline-Tcl	skv at protey.ru
/usr/ports/devel/tclcl		obonilla at fisicc-ufm.edu
/usr/ports/lang/expect		jerry at thehutt.org
/usr/ports/lang/itcl		ports at freebsd.org
/usr/ports/lang/mozart		mathiasp at virtual-earth.de
/usr/ports/lang/ocaml		patrick at watson.org
/usr/ports/lang/otcl		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/lang/tcltutor	edwin at mavetju.org
/usr/ports/mail/exmh2		bmah at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/mail/postilion	ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/mail/tkrat2		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/math/mpexpr		geekdude at pacbell.net
/usr/ports/math/scilab		js at jeannot.org
/usr/ports/math/vtk		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/mbone/rtpmon		fenner at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/mbone/vat		fenner at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/mbone/vic		fenner at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/misc/afbackup-client	voland at catpipe.net
/usr/ports/misc/afbackup-server	voland at catpipe.net
/usr/ports/misc/afbackup	voland at catpipe.net
/usr/ports/misc/goblin		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/misc/libh		anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
/usr/ports/misc/tkinfo		spadger at best.com
/usr/ports/misc/tkman		tg at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/misc/tkregexp	ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/multimedia/nxtvepg	barner at gmx.de
/usr/ports/net/ccmsn		jimromse at eupmt.es
/usr/ports/net/icb		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/net/irrtoolset	oberman at es.net
/usr/ports/net/nam		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/net/ns		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/net/ppxp		nosuzuki at postcard.st
/usr/ports/net/scotty3		ports at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/net/zebra-server	demon at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/palm/pilot-link	dima at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/security/secpanel	petef at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/sysutils/LPRngTool	papowell at astart.com
/usr/ports/sysutils/lavaps	wjv at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/textproc/tkdiff	kevlo at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/textproc/xml2rfc	jabley at automagic.org
/usr/ports/www/august		trevor at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/www/mod_dtcl		mi at aldan.algebra.com
/usr/ports/www/mod_zap		demon at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/x11-fm/x-files	dmaddox099 at yahoo.com
/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/blt	kjc at csl.sony.co.jp
/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/hs-frantk	obraun at FreeBSD.org
/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/itk	ports at freebsd.org

Kris "Ports Janitor" Kennaway
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