Attempted to build stlport-icc with icc-7.1.030

Clint Olsen clint at
Sun Oct 19 00:15:45 PDT 2003


I tried again to build stlport-icc with the new icc, thinking that icc may
have been part of the problem, but I still get unresolved symbols:

icpc -D_THREAD_SAFE -D_REENTRANT -mt -w1 -g -O -I../../stlport -I.  -DEH_VECTOR_OPERATOR_NEW -DEH_DELETE_HAS_THROW_SPEC obj/TestClass.o obj/main.o obj/nc_alloc.o obj/random_number.o obj/test_algo.o obj/test_algobase.o obj/test_list.o obj/test_slist.o obj/test_bit_vector.o obj/test_vector.o obj/test_deque.o obj/test_set.o obj/test_map.o obj/test_hash_map.o obj/test_hash_set.o obj/test_rope.o obj/test_string.o obj/test_bitset.o obj/test_valarray.o  -L../../lib -lstlport_icc -lm -o ./eh_test
../../lib/ undefined reference to `__sigsetjmp'
gmake: *** [eh_test] Error 1
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/devel/stlport-icc.

Any ideas on how to fix this?



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