astro/sattrack is really broken...

Jim Bryant jbryant at
Thu Oct 16 16:32:22 PDT 2003

It's been a while since I had tried this port, and after obtaining TLE 
for Shinzhou-5 yesterday, I decided to give it a try.  I was getting 
checksum errors on all TLE [], as well as the one of 
interest.  After disabling the checksum code, I was getting altitude 
info of like 8500+ kM for SZ-5, and all sorts of other funky crud for 

I don't have the time to do much with this, but if I find some time, 
I'll help.  The maintainer needs to take a look at the port tho.  
sattrack is a good package, and should stay in the tree, but there are 
issues right now...


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