RFC: What to do with Mozilla

Philip Paeps philip+freebsd at paeps.cx
Thu Oct 16 12:31:20 PDT 2003

On 2003-10-16 20:40:13 (+0200), Arjan van Leeuwen <avleeuwen at piwebs.com> wrote:


> This was a response to Philip Paeps' suggestion of creating one big mozilla
> port (www/mozilla) where you have to set knobs to get the different mozilla
> versions - and no seperate ports for Firebird and the other versions of
> Mozilla. Or is that not what you (Philip) meant?

That's partly what I meant, but I realise now that not having separate ports
might be an issue for make search and friends, as you say.  As I said in
another post a little while ago, that could be solved with mini-ports just
building the main port with the correct options.

My basic idea was to split Mozilla 'the program' from Mozilla 'the toolkit
annex kitchen sink'.  The Mozilla browser should clearly be in www/mozilla,
and building that port should give a stable browser ready to go.  A port that
just needs a specific version of a specific bit of Mozilla should have a
simple mechanism of just getting that bit, without needing the whole browser
monster though.  Hence the bsd.mozilla.mk and USE_MOZILLA idea.

Hope this is a bit clearer than the original post :-o

 - Philip

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