make installjail maybe?

John strgout at
Thu Oct 16 00:04:53 PDT 2003

Is anyone working on someway to install ports into a jail? What i do most of
the time for a small port (like bind or something) is i redefine PREFIX to
be /usr/jail/$ip, but there are a few problems with this.

1. named now looks for /usr/jail/$ip/etc/named.conf by default. Not that that
is hard to get around, but just a fyi.
2. You can't install the port more then once without messing around with 
 the package install info (the stuff in /var/db/pkg). I've just been moving
the package name from say bind-8.3.6 to bind-8.3.6-jail-path-to-jail-root, but 
that is a little ugly ;).
3. libs, passwd files, group (basicly userland). Most of the time i just cheat
and staticly link the port ( setenv CLFAGS "-static"). This works fine for bind
, but i haven't tested other apps. Then i copy the other userland bits.
maybe if there was a port that would just install a mini user land, based off
/usr/src or something like that i wouldn't need to staticly link everything.

Any thoughts?

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