Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Wed Oct 15 15:03:46 PDT 2003

Matt Peterson wrote:
> While modifing the Makefile (comment out --perl & USE_PERL) works fine,
> I'd like to use a make option to do this.  What's the appropriate way to
> make this happen (short of defining my own WITH or WITHOUT_PERL tweak in
> the Makefile)?

WITHOUT_PERL looks quite apropriated and understedable.

> Also, on a related note.  One would think NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES would ask
> the port to not install manpages in the PREFIX, instead this appears to
> mean 'does the port have any manpages to install or not', em I correct?

You mean somebody can be confused when 'make NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES=yes 
install' installs manpages? :)


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