Galeon compile fails after Mozilla upgrade - still!

Robert English drakcap at
Tue Oct 14 20:50:21 PDT 2003

Hello again -

took Mezz's suggestion and did a fresh cvsup and built a fresh
index & portsdb afterward - Galeon still failed to compile,
bunking in the same spot.  Deleted the /usr/ports/www/galeon
port, did another cvsup and index rebuilt etc., Galeon still did
a bunk. In the same spot.  Next I deinstalled and reinstalled
Mozilla.  Galeon failed in the same spot again.

Something needs to be there that isn't.  What else besides
Mozilla, if it were to be deinstalled and reinstalled, would
clear up this problem my system's having with Galeon?


earlier in linear time, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
>> the most recent upgrade to Mozilla 1.4.1, performed yesterday
>> after a "cvsup" operation on my 4.8-stable box, seems to have
>> thrown a monkey-wrench into the compile of Galeon 1.2.12.
>> Here's the part where the failure occurs:
>CVSup your ports tree and try it again. This is fixed last
>Saturday night 
>or Sunday.

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