READ PLEASE if your port uses BerkeleyDB (db3, db4, db41)

Xavier Beaudouin kiwi at
Tue Oct 14 05:02:29 PDT 2003

Hi Matthias,

Le mardi, 14 oct 2003, à 13:21 Europe/Paris, Matthias Andree a écrit :

> Hi,
> as some of you know, I am currently maintaining the db4, db41,
> db41-nocrypto and bogofilter ports, among others.


I think that we should get a "easy" way to know if db3 / db4 / db41 / 
db41-nocrypto is installed during the port generation.

Idealy a


with <something> can be : 3, 4, 41, 41-nocrypto can help to get the 
good dependency with all db<x> ports users.

One thing I didn't get a clue is how to detect the current installation 
of a db<x> package (a clean, neat, and if possible automagicaly way) ?


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