Apache 1.3.27 with mod_php4 crashes

Jens Rehsack rehsack at liwing.de
Sun Oct 12 10:57:12 PDT 2003

jason dictos wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	I recently re-compiled mod_php4 with the following options:

There was a problem with the openssl support in php4. When did you
last time updated your ports tree and when did you re-compile
world and php4 (and all other openssl dependend ports)?

> And now if I have the mod_php4 module listed in the httpd.conf file, apache 
> will crash out and dump the core:
> Oct 11 22:21:17 ahab kernel: pid 2428 (httpd), uid 0: exited on signal 11 
> (core dumped)
> I tried starting httpd with GDB in the hops that I could look at the call 
> stack and somehow make a guess as to why it is crashing, but gdb doesn't 
> appear to be catching the signal:


> Program exited normally.
> (gdb)
> Says the program exited normally??

The Apache httpd starts worker daemons. Try to use
# gdb httpd /path/to/core/httpd.core
after you found the core file.


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