devel/apr and/or devel/subversion problem

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Sat Oct 11 09:10:40 PDT 2003

# lev at / 2003-09-14 10:06:28 +0400:
> Hello, Roman!
> Thursday, September 11, 2003, 12:13:40 PM, you wrote:
> >> %ls /var/db/pkg | grep gdbm
> RN>     that doesn't say much:
> RN>     % ls /var/db/pkg|grep gdbm
> RN>     % ldconfig -r|grep gdbm   
> RN>             167:-lgdbm.2 => /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg/
>   What I wanted to say: you have, but doesn't have gdbm
>   package installed. It is not porlem of apr, it know nothing about
>   FreeBSD's port system, it know about available libraries. May be, it
>   will be right to add WITH_GDBM knob to `devel/apr', but it is
>   question for `devel/apr''s maintainer.

    What I wanted to say: if aprutil looks for gdbm, and can be
    configured in this regard, it needs to (optionally) LIB_DEPEND on
    gdbm. I am obviously not alone who got snagged by this, see

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