ports that should use CONFLICTS

Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Fri Oct 10 10:28:09 PDT 2003

>> (10.10.2003 @ 1112 PST): Thomas-Martin Seck said, in 1.9K: <<
> It seems that pkg_add should be tought to ignore unknown declarations in
> package files.

What does that mean?

> > - www/lynx-current conflicts with japanese/lynx,
> > japanese/lynx-current, www/lynx
> >  common files: bin/lynx
> >  CONFLICTS= ja-lynx-2.8.* lynx-
> I beg your pardon, but I do not think anyone will install these in
> parallel. This is probably true for every localized port or for ports
> that feature a modified version of some software which is - in its stock
> version - present in the ports collection too.

Whether people are likely to install them in parallel or not is rather
irrelevant. The point is that they conflict with each other, and the
user should be aware that they will overwrite each other.

> > - www/squid24 conflicts with www/squid
> >  common files: sbin/squid
> >  CONFLICTS= squid-2.5_4
> Same here. But since squid-2.4 is not officially supported by the squid
> team anymore, I suggest to remove it completely.

Regardless, they overwrite each other, and thus a CONFLICTS line should
be added.

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