Some ports oddity under 5.1-CURRENT

Maxim M. Kazachek stranger at
Fri Oct 10 01:19:20 PDT 2003

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Dirk Meyer wrote:

>> Next I've tries to add -lthr. It compiles, but when I try to run it,
>> it complains about static LDT (on console) then complains about error 0
>> when tries to search /usr/local/share/licq/utilities then just exits.
>looks like you linked anginst multiple thread libs ...
>did you suppress -lc_r ?

I'll try it now

>> cvsup works perfectly using SOCKS5, so socks5-1.0.11 is functional, IMHO.
>cvsup is proabaly a staic binary ...
cvsup even don't know about SOCKS, it runs under runsocks...

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