Still having issues - Shared object "" not found

Michael Edenfield kutulu at
Sun Oct 5 09:06:55 PDT 2003

* Clint Olsen <clint at> [031004 02:53]:
> On Oct 04, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> > 
> > Try to run 'portupgrade -rf gettext -m BATCH=yes'..
> I think the dependencies of some of these ports may not be quite right.  I
> ran this command earlier without the -m flag, and some of the recursive
> dependencies failed for example because GNU make was taken out of commision
> by the missing library.  It would seem that gmake would be (one of) the
> first order(s) of business.  Of course, this might be a failure mode that
> wasn't expected...

I think there are issues with GNU make not being registered as a
dependancy properly.  Specifically, I was able to pkg_delete it without
any other packages being flagged as dependant, and rebuild it.  Perhaps
it related to gmake being a build-time dependancy but not a run-time

At any rate, the best thing to do is, as you said, force gmake to be
rebuilt first, then portupgrad -rf gettext second.


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