Problems with make package

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Wed Oct 1 02:52:49 PDT 2003


I tried to set up a build machine which should build kernel, world
and ports (packages) for all machines in my network. Kernel and world
works fine, but with the package creation I run into 2 problems:

1) With some ports the 'make package-links' fails when I use
    'make package' or 'portinstall -pR port'. When I switch to
    the ports directory and execute the 'make package-links' by
    hand, it creates the link fine.
2) The created packages seems to have no dependency information,
    eg. on the new machine I executed 'pkg_add mc*' and pkg_add
    installs the Midnight Commander only, no dependend packages
    as gettext or libslang. All other packages the same.

Where can I start research to resolve the problems? The 2nd
is more important to me.

Thanks in advance,

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