Ability for maintainers to update own ports

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at bellavista.cz
Wed Nov 12 01:35:00 PST 2003

# linimon at lonesome.com / 2003-11-10 23:06:41 -0600:
> I tweaked my ports monitoring code, and it now generates the following
> statistics:
> Total number of ports: 9629
> Number of ports with no maintainer: 2519 (26.2%)
> Ports with no maintainer and build errors in at least one build environment: 
> 423 (4.39%)
> Ports with no maintainer and outstanding PRs: 135 (1.40%)
> Union of the above two ("ports in need of attention" in my shorthand): 520
> (5.40%)
> So there's some statistics for folks to ponder about.  If you want to help
> FreeBSD's ports collection, that "423" number surely looks like a good
> place to start.

    what is the number of ports with maintainer-submitted PR's
    lying in GNATS for longer than a month?

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