g++33 creates large binaries on 5.1-RELEASE

Chris Knight chris at e-easy.com.au
Sun Nov 30 23:47:27 PST 2003


5.1-RELEASE comes with gcc 3.2 (from memory).
g++33 will have been installed from the ports tree, which by default only
creates static libraries of libstdc++, etc. It's this static linking that is
generating the large binaries.
One way around this is to rebuild gcc33 with shared library support, then
add the directory containing the shared libraries to ldconfig_paths in
The ideal way would be for the gccXX ports to grow a gccXX-shlib slave port
which would be added to the RUN_DEPENDS list of a port when that port asks
for a gcc that isn't part of the base install. The gccXX-shlib slave port
would only build/install the shared libraries for that version of gcc as
well as adding an rc.d script to add the directory to ldconfig. No, I'm not

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> Subject: g++33 creates large binaries on 5.1-RELEASE
> I compile a simple C++ program:
> #include <fstream>
> int main() {
>     std::ofstream out( "file.out" );
> }
> With g++33 on a 5.1-RELEASE system, it creates a very large 
> binary (500k).  Is there something obvious I am doing wrong 
> here?  Thanks. _______________________________________________
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