I need some help unborking my freshports account

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Fri Nov 28 09:34:17 PST 2003

Some mornings it's better not to try to do any work ...

I wanted to monitor a port, based on the instructions here:

So I went to create a freshports acocunt.  Unfortunately, I'm apparently suffering
from an acute case of stupid today.  I accidentally _created_ the account with
wmoran at freebsd.org as the email address, so now I will never receive the confirmation
email.  This may be whining, but I'd really like to keep the "wmoran" username, so
I don't have to remember any more usernames.

So I was hoping there was someone out there who could do me the favor of removing
the wmoran request from the queue so I could recreate it correctly, or correct the
email address or something.  (alternatly, someone could set me up wtih a
wmoran at FreeBSD.org account ... not that I've done enough to deserve it, but it'd
be cool ;)  I assume the request will time out eventually when nobody ever confirms
it, but I'm getting ready to submit my first patch to a port and I'd really like to
monitor the progress.

TIA for any assistance.

p.s. I'm not subscribed

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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