Bug in ports howto question

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at bellavista.cz
Wed Nov 26 02:37:23 PST 2003

# abowhill at blarg.net / 2003-11-25 01:44:26 -0800:
> On  0, Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser at bellavista.cz> wrote:

    strange date :)

> Unfortunately, unlike other platforms, to send and receive mail on
> FreeBSD, you need to a little about how mail works. I did not know a
> lot in this area, before I started.
    Unfortunately? I don't agree with your assessment of the fact, but
    that's just me.

> After learning a bit, I am left with the impression that internet
> mechanisms and standards that support mail are complicated and
> somewhat badly-designed. Evolutionary. (too many specialized
> protocols, headers, acronyms)
> Despite all this, the configuration task is not that bad if you have
> good instructions, but in principle, is overkill for submitting
> ports. It's a little like trying to do square-foot gardening with a
> combine. But if you have the time and documentation, you can get it
> to work properly.

    Do you say port submission should be taken out using a separate
> :> This is a problem, becuase the PR was a new port. Now nobody will touch
> :> the port becuase it looks too hard to deal with. So it will probably sit
> :> in GNATS for 6 months, until someone takes it upon themselves to clean
> :> it out. Then, I guess I can re-submit it.
> :
> :    Just mail gnats-submit@ (or whatever's the correct address) with
> :    ports/#YOUR-PR-NR in subject and the correct patch attached.
> Yes. That's how I messed up the second submission out of three. Whatever
> you do, don't send it as an attachment in outlook express :)

    Whatever you do, avoid Outlook [Express].

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