Bug in ports howto question

Allan Bowhill abowhill at blarg.net
Tue Nov 25 15:51:39 PST 2003

On  0, Jan-Peter Koopmann <Jan-Peter.Koopmann at seceidos.de> wrote:
:Hi Allan,
:to put in the .mc. Then run make and there you go. That's not too hard,
:is it? BTW: Personally I think using a smart-host makes a lot of sense
:if you have a dynamic IP since many MTAs block dial-up IPs or
:connections from IPs without reverse-mapping. I think that this is too
:restrictive but nevertheless some admins tend to be that restrictive...

Actually, the process is considerably more complex than setting 
a smart host in sendmail.mc, although I wish it were not.

The instructions to setup mail under smtp-auth, which Simon Barner
is working on, total to about a 1700-line document.

:> Yes. That's how I messed up the second submission out of 
:> three. Whatever you do, don't send it as an attachment in 
:> outlook express :)
::-) Just out of curiosity: What happened?

Well, if you check out bug #58500, you can see for yourself:


I think there is something in Outlook that will badly mangle an
attachment to GNATS.

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