Problem compiling magicpoint-1.09a on current

Ted Lindgreen ted at
Tue Nov 25 03:08:15 PST 2003

Compiling magicpoint-1.09a on 5.2-BETA produces:
 petje# make
 ===>  Extracting for magicpoint-1.09a
 In file included from rlelib.c:15:
 /usr/include/varargs.h:34:2: #error "<varargs.h> is obsolete with this version of GCC."
 /usr/include/varargs.h:35:2: #error "Change your code to use <stdarg.h> instead."
 *** Error code 1

 Stop in /stable/usr/ports/misc/magicpoint/work/magicpoint-1.09a/image.

Configure knows about this, and defines HAVE_STDARG_H. But, while
in grammar.c this is tested and properly dealt with, it's not in
image/rlelib.c. Adding this test in image/rlelib.c, however, does
not help either, because it is compiled without this flag.

A quick workaround is to just change
"#include <stdarg.h>" into "#include <varargs.h>"
in image/rlelib.c.

-- ted

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