Error code 1 while portugprading vim-6.2.139 on CURRENT

Andre Guibert de Bruet andy at
Tue Nov 25 02:24:22 PST 2003


I just got the following while portupgrading vim on CURRENT:

cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vim.1 gview.1
cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vim.1 rgvim.1
cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vim.1 rgview.1
cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vimdiff.1 gvimdiff.1
cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vim.1 rvim.1
cd /usr/local/man/man1; ln -sf vim.1 rview.1
/bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs /usr/local/share/vim/vim62/macros
mkdir /usr/local/share/vim/vim62/macros
chmod 755 /usr/local/share/vim/vim62/macros
cp -r ../runtime/macros/* /usr/local/share/vim/vim62/macros
cp: ../runtime/macros/maze/mazeclean.c.orig: Invalid argument
cp: ../runtime/macros/maze/main.aap.orig: Invalid argument
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/editors/vim/work/vim62/src.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/editors/vim.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/editors/vim.
** Command failed [exit code 1]: /usr/bin/script -qa
/tmp/portupgrade51167.0 make reinstall
egrep: /var/db/pkg/vim-6.2.139/+CONTENTS: No such file or directory
--->  Restoring the old version
** Fix the installation problem and try again.
[Updating the pkgdb <format:bdb1_btree> in /var/db/pkg ... - 361 packages
found (-0 +1) . done]
** The following packages were not installed or upgraded (*:skipped /
        ! editors/vim (vim-6.2.139)     (install error)

Any ideas?


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