mSyslog port and FreeBSD

Matt Edwards matthewedwards at
Mon Nov 24 23:59:51 PST 2003

I have been searching endlessly for information on msyslog and FreeBSD.  I
have configured my server to use this port (it is currently logging
everything to files) and am now trying to get it to use mysql.  The only
items I have found thus far has been on  All I seem to find
is folks saying they have problems but no one ever seems to have the answers
(wow, big surprise for me;)  I have a few questions, but the one I must ask
is, has anyone on a FreeBSD box got this to work WITH mysql?

Secondly my problem is very well defined here: and
both seem to be the same problem and in fact they are exactly the same as my
problem.  I think the issue is with the actuall building of the port.  The
file is nowhere to be found on my system.  This leads
me to believe that perhaps it simply was not built.  I used the command make
WITH_MYSQL=yes install to install the port.  Before installing I corrected
the file in the includes as directed here:

The mailing list for the port returns my mail and any attempts to contact
them have resulted in no answer.  My only resources I have found so far have
been on sourceforge (where it seems no one answers) this newsgroup and
freebsd mailings.

Any help would be welcome, great, and thanked for in advance!


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