defunct metacity-setup haunts my dependency list of gnome2

Dorin H bj93542 at
Mon Nov 24 23:53:43 PST 2003

  What is the correct way to solve the dependency
problem in this case?
 cvsup 2003.11.24, 11:00PM EDT (no refuse); make
index; portsdb -u

portversion -R gnome2 

shows a pesky dependency to metacity-setup. There is
no folder for the port, no package installed, 
portupgrade fails. I tried the the process twice.

Variations: I installed the package (pkg_add), but no
change (the port files are still missing and there is
only an empty package on FreeBSD ports webpage...). I
remove the package, nothing.  Tried with pkgdb -F,
failed each attempt.

Finally, the solution:
manually change the +CONTENTS file from 
/var/db/pkg/gnome2-2.2.0/ to comment out the damn
metacity-setup dependency...

For the future, what would the the correct solution to
troubleshot this?

Thank you,

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