Dell Inspiron 1100 -video card adapter Intel 845 GL low resolution

murrayhs luis at
Mon Nov 24 15:23:50 PST 2003

Thanks! Joe !  the nic card in my laptop op is working fine ! 

More questions -  
Dell  Inspiron 1100 - video card adapter is Intel 845 GL - The  XF86Config set a low resolution - I was looking for information about it - no luck -
still working in 1024x768 - probably 256 color  - 
Do you know how can I get better resolution and colors on it  ?
Also look like the XF86Config will release a new version soon --- 

Thanks !!!


>The bfe(4) driver in -CURRENT supports this card.  It has not >been
>merged into -STABLE as yet.  You can either upgrade to -CURRENT, or try the merge yourself.

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