links2 port with svgalib ?

Mickaël Suzenne msuzenne at
Mon Nov 24 10:17:04 PST 2003

Hi the Team,
I'm collaborating with Stefan TALPALARU (for testing needs due to lack of time, it's always what we lack ;-)) of his small but nice distro named "BlueFlops", wich is internet oriented (svgalib graphic browser and IRC, NIC or modem with PPP support ... ).
I thought it would be nice to follow his goal, but from a BSD point of view. I first considered using w3m or links with an external svgalib image viewer (e.g "seejpeg"). But it would be nice if "w3m-img" or "Links2" could do their image displaying with the FBSD svgalib ...
Is there a plan of this for the next ports ?
Great Thanks by advance for any answer
m.suzenne at 

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