multimedia/beep-media-player doesn't compile

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Sun Nov 23 17:31:46 PST 2003

>> (11.23.2003 @ 2019 PST): Paul Murphy said, in 1.6K: <<
> > Unset CPUTYPE in your make.conf, then compile beep-media-player, it
> > should work. Once you're done, you can reset CPUTYPE. Gcc is much more
> > sensitive for sloppy code when -march is in effect, that's why it
> > bombs out for you.
>  Tried it, still no go.
>> end of "Re: multimedia/beep-media-player doesn't compile" from Paul Murphy <<

The problem is not with CPUTYPE. The problem is that variables are being
declared in the middle of functions. The Input/vorbis/ directory never
got the fixes for this that the other directories did.

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