Fix for broken jpeg2ps-a4 port

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Fri Nov 21 11:18:06 PST 2003

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(I'm not sure if I should or can send this to freebsd-ports-bugs@ insetad...)

This may well be fixed already, but a recent change to the ports/graphics/
jpeg2ps-letter port Makefile has resulted in breakage of the related
jpeg2ps-a4 port, producing letter-sized output instead of the desired A4.

The following change to the jpeg2ps-*letter* Makefile seems that it
restores the -a4 port to produce A4 output:
(diff cut-n-pasted, tabs lost; please review and apply by hand as needed)

--- ../../graphics/jpeg2ps-letter/Makefile-DIST Tue Sep  2 19:22:04 2003
+++ ../../graphics/jpeg2ps-letter/Makefile      Mon Nov 17 22:36:07 2003
@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@
 .if ${PAPERSIZE} == a4
        ${CP} ${WRKSRC}/Makefile ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.input
-       ${SED} "s%CCFLAGS=-O -c%CCFLAGS=-O -c -DA4%" ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.input > ${WRKSRC}/Makefile
+## B0RKED      ${SED} "s%CCFLAGS=-O -c%CCFLAGS=-O -c -DA4%" ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.input > ${WRKSRC}/Makefile
+       ${SED} "s%CFLAGS+=-c%CFLAGS+=-DA4 -c%" ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.input > ${WRKSRC}/Makefile
        ${RM} -f ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.input

The result of the above patch is a Makefile that resembles...
CFLAGS?=-O -pipe
which probably preserves the intent of revision 1.3 of patch-aa while
restoring the flags changed by release 1.9 of jpeg2ps.  I think.

Barry Bouwsma

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