HEADS UP: Ports Freeze for 5.2-R coming

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Wed Nov 19 18:44:51 PST 2003

Dear Porters,

Some of you have noticed that the originally-announced ports freeze
date for 5.2-R has passed.  Due to some last minute breakage that was
crammed into -current over the past week, combined with hardware
problems, the bento cluster has not been in good shape for package
builds, so we decided to hold off for a day or two to try and get
things stabilized.  At this point I'm still trying to get the various
bento machines in working condition.  We will probably start the
freeze in a day or two - I hope to have a better idea once I see how
the bento machines are holding up.

The good news is that because the ports collection is currently in
relatively good shape, we will not need to have a long freeze to focus
developer attention onto fixing broken ports.  At this point, we're
thinking of a freeze duration of a week or so, but obviously that is
subject to change depending on how things work out.

The bottom line is:

  Please make any commits you want to be part of 5.2-RELEASE in the next
  24 hours, because the freeze will be starting at some point after
  that, and there will be little opportunity for revision during the
  short freeze cycle.

Kris and Marcus, your freezemasters

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