how to get freeBSD 5.1 pkg_add to install .tgz files

Loh John Wu ljwu at
Tue Nov 18 08:26:46 PST 2003


This is my first time using FreeBSD 5.1 and I noticed that pkg_add has
changed in that it requires a bzip2 file?  Does it not support gzip files

TPC-C3-27# pkg_add -r -v
looking up fbsd-ftp
connecting to fbsd-ftp:21
setting passive mode
opening data connection
initiating transfer
tgz...bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
tar: Child died with signal 13
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
Broken pipe

I read through the pkg_add man pages on 5.1 but I'm unable to find an option
that can 
let me specify the zip method for the package.  pkg_create allows you to
specify which type of zip utility you want
to use and it says "Currently pkg_create recognizes the following suffixes:
.tbz, .tgz and .tar." so I'm mystified
about why the 5.1 pkg_add is complaining about a .tgz package?
So I'm wondeirng how can I get pkg_add to work with the old tgz-style

Also, the man pages for pkg_add on 5.1 has this link which doesn't work
(i.e. file not on ftp server)

Thanks in advance,

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