acroread5 will not start

Tom Parquette tparquet at
Mon Nov 17 13:41:15 PST 2003

Please CC me.  I do not subscribe to PORTS.  Thanks...

I'm trying to configure mozilla to call acroread5 for pdf files.
This is a 5.1-CURRENT from October of '03 (I stay back from the edge 
some  ;-)
According to pkg_info, I have acroread-5.08 installed.

This is what it's giving me:
$ acroread5
ELF binary type "3" not known.
/usr/local/Acrobat5/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread: 1: Syntax error: "(" 

This smells like a compatability module problem.
I tried searching questions and ports but I didn't find anything talking 
about ELF binary types.

TIA for any help...

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