ports/57877: Update port: mail/mailman add option for using the htdig integration patches

Scott Lambert lambert at lambertfam.org
Mon Nov 17 11:31:14 PST 2003

This is a post-one-month ping to see if I can attract the attention of a

This patch is approved by the maintainer as of Oct 13th.

>	Sat Oct 11 22:00:32 PDT 2003 
>	Mon Oct 13 11:50:18 PDT 2003

Basically, I am trying to make it easier for others, and especially
myself, to install mailman with the htdig archive searching patches like
lists.FreeBSD.org uses.

I have it running on one mailing list.  The only problem so far has been
htdig's "rundig" shell script uses a temp dir to which user "mailman"
can't write.  But I think that is going to be a PR problem for the htdig

Scott Lambert           KC5MLE           System Administrator

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