vlc compile

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Nov 17 08:20:59 PST 2003

>> 4.9 stable as of yesterday
> Builds fine for me on my stable and on Bento.
>> cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../..   -I/usr/local/include -DSYS_FREEBSD4_9 -I../../include `top_builddir="../.." ../../vlc-config --cflags plugin rawvideo` -Wsign-compare -Wall -O -pipe -march=pentiumpro -finline-limit-30000 -pipe -c -o librawvideo_plugin_a-rawvideo.o `test -f 'rawvideo.c' || echo './'`rawvideo.c
>> In file included from rawvideo.c:28:
>> /usr/local/include/vlc/vout.h:37: video.h: No such file or directory
>> In file included from /usr/local/include/vlc/vout.h:38,
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This looks suspicious, maybe you have older version installed and it's
> including header files from old version? Try to deinstall old vlc, than
> do make clean and retry compile.



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