firebird and xemacs locking up/crashing "in pairs"???

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Mon Nov 17 01:10:21 PST 2003


We have a strange problem, probably related to gtk20, but I'm not sure.

The small problem is that Firebird locks up, and does not accept keyboard 
input. This can be fixed by minimizing and unminimizing the firebird window.

The more odd thing happens that sometimes, during these locks, xemacs stops 
working and locks up, and its window becomes blank. Sometimes, waiting a 
while fixes the problem, sometimes not, and kill -9 is the only thing that 
helps. Note that this always happen when firebird locks up, and never at 
any other occasion, so they definitely seem coupled, somehow.

The enclosed stack trace indicates an infinite recursion. Any ideas?

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