New cad/gmsh version

Pedro F. Giffuni giffunip at
Sun Nov 16 16:56:12 PST 2003


There's a new version of gmsh:
New in 1.47: fixed extrusion of surfaces defined by only two curves;
new syntax to retrieve point coordinates and indices of entities
created through geometrical transformations; new PDF and compressed
PostScript output formats; fixed numbering of elements created with
"Extrude Point/Line"; use $GMSH_HOME as home directory if defined

It should just be a matter of bumping the port version. I am taking a break
from my ports activities (hopefully only for the rest of this year) so I won't
be sending PRs for sometime.

Also it would be nice to see ports/58176: Resurrect port x11-toolkits/xview,
committed. I tested it on 5.0R after updating the ports tree and it worked well
but if the ports tree continues changing so much it might rot (not that the
changes are bad at all ;).

best regards,


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