p5 ports don't respect LOCALBASE

Rich Winkel rich at math.missouri.edu
Sun Nov 16 10:17:11 PST 2003

According to Lowell Gilbert:
> Rich Winkel <rich at math.missouri.edu> writes:
> > I support various types of servers and workstations which need
> > different "local" software sets.  I do all my building on one
> > machine, so I use LOCALBASE and PKG_DBDIR in /etc/make.conf to
> > keep the various configurations separate.  Unfortunately many ports
> > don't respect the LOCALBASE setting and install into /usr/local,
> > even while recording the packing list as being in LOCALBASE!
> > 
> > The p5 ports seem especially bad about this.  I understand the
> > need for perl to be able to find its local packages, so after I
> > manually fix things up I need to know how to tell perl to look
> > for its stuff under LOCALBASE instead of /usr/local.  Can someone
> > tell me?
> > 
> > Or alternatively, has someone else found a better way to deal with
> > the whole problem of maintaining different software sets??
> This is really a ports question, so I'm redirecting there.
> Apparently you're dealing with bugs in the ports, but it's hard to be
> sure without more details.  Can you give a specific example?

Thanks for the reply!
I've had such problems with spamassassin-milter and also apsprint.  


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