INDEX build failed

Kris Kennaway kris at
Fri Nov 14 08:32:24 PST 2003

INDEX build failed with errors:
linux-arts-1.0.3_1: "/vol/vol0/users/kris/ports.clean/emulators/linux-base-8" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete

Most recent CVS update was:
? 1
? cvs.log
? index.errs
? index.out
? log
? x
U audio/linux-arts/Makefile
U comms/bforce/files/patch-aa
U databases/mysql323-server/Makefile
U databases/mysql323-server/pkg-plist
U databases/p5-DBD-Pg/Makefile
U devel/cvstrac/files/patch-db.c
U devel/libgtop2/Makefile
U devel/libgtop2/files/patch-sysdeps_freebsd_netload.c
? dns/bind9-dlz/
? dns/powerdns/
? mail/log
U net/xmule/Makefile
U security/uvscan-dat/Makefile
U security/uvscan-dat/distinfo
U sysutils/Makefile
U sysutils/ganglia-monitor-core/Makefile
U sysutils/kkbswitch/Makefile
U sysutils/kkbswitch/distinfo
U sysutils/kkbswitch/pkg-descr
U sysutils/kkbswitch/pkg-plist
? x11/gnome2/log

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