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Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Fri Nov 14 08:15:16 PST 2003


> I have a Palm V and have just upgraded my o/s from Windows 98 second edition 
> to XP. I have downloaded the Palm 4.1 desktop and USB drivers software for XP 
> but I cannot hotsynch because the com ports don't work.

First, if you haven't already realised, FreeBSD is a platform, or
operating system (OS), which manages your hardware and provides the
ability to run applications and manage data, just like MacOS, Solaris,
PalmOS, BeOS, AIX, Windows, HP-UX, AmigaOS and many others.

If you're only looking for Windows support, then there are many mailing
lists and newsgroups which you can use for that purpose.

On the other hand, I have never had a problem with my Palm V, or the Palm
III I had before it, working with any of my desktop systems running
FreeBSD. There is a whole category of software for Palms in FreeBSD's
"ports collectiion" with almost fourty applications. 

I regularly back up my Palm to disk, sync files, install files and
applications and various other things.

So if you're interested in trying some different software on your PC and
having a very wide range of choices of applications for almost every
conceivable use of a desktop PC, then try FreeBSD. Like all the best
software, it's free, but if you want to purchase a set of CDs or DVDs
including FreeBSD and other software, you do that too.

> My pc is a Dell which has the following  configuration:

MY PC at work is a Dell, too.

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