FreeBSD Port: postgresql-devel-7.4.b5.2003.10.23

Sean Chittenden sean at
Thu Nov 13 17:59:59 PST 2003

>   I've tried to install this port (I have the latest ports
>   collections, "cvsup"ed from the freebsd site.
>   My FreeBSD is:

Update to devel/bison185 instead of devel/bison.  -sc

>   I think this should be an error from the beta 5 and not from your
>   poret. Is there any chance of getting an update of this port ?
>   PostgreSQL 7.4 RC2 is out...

Yeah, I need to do an update, but the update will be for the new 7.5
devel and not 7.4 RC2.  -sc
Sean Chittenden

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