Problems Building OpenOffice 1.1

Peter Jeremy peter.jeremy at
Thu Nov 13 17:57:46 PST 2003

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I'm trying to build OpenOffice-1.1 on a 4.9-prerelease system and it gets
right to the end and then reports

WARNING! Project(s):

not found and couldn't be built. Correct build.lsts.

I haven't checked to see it if will install and run yet.

Looking at Makefile v1.110, it appears to depend on both gtk1.2 and gtk2.0:
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	${X11BASE}/lib/${PORTSDIR}/x11-toolkits/gtk20
USE_GNOME=	orbit gtk12
This seems somewhat wierd.  Shouldn't it depend on only one version of gtk?
If so, which?

Peter Jeremy

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