Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at halplant.com
Thu Nov 13 16:37:36 PST 2003


> I've tried every citrix client available for download and have had no
> success. This is on FreeBSD 4.9.

I have it working from the correct distro:

# md5 /usr/ports/distfiles/citrix_ica-linuxx86-7.00.tar.gz 
MD5 (/usr/ports/distfiles/citrix_ica-linuxx86-7.00.tar.gz) = d4efd8075afc1e96646cad4acb740033
# cat /usr/ports/net/citrix_ica/distinfo 
MD5 (citrix_ica-linuxx86-7.00.tar.gz) = d4efd8075afc1e96646cad4acb740033

As I recall, it took more than one attempted download and way too much
time and effort navigating Citrix's excuse for a web site to find the
right file. In case it helps, the software identifies itself as "Citrix
ICA Client for Linux Version 7.00.77757"

Sorry to be unhelpful, but I don't recall the original filename. I do
recall it not being at the top of the list of alleged Lunix clients.

Contact me off-list if you still can't find it.

Don't anyone dare ask what I'm doing with a Citrix client.

Be sure to run strings on the binaries and look for interesting things,
such as, say, "Eric S. Raymond".

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