ports/59254: ports that write something after bsd.port.mk

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Thu Nov 13 07:28:45 PST 2003

>Number:	59254
>Category:	ports
>Originator:	Oliver Eikemeier
>Organization:	Fillmore Labs - http://www.fillmore-labs.com
>Synopsis:	ports that write something after bsd.port.mk
>Severity:	non-critical
>Priority:	medium
>Category:	ports
>Class:		sw-bug
>Release:	FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT i386
System: FreeBSD nuuk.fillmore-labs.com 5.1-CURRENT


Dear port maintainers,

included is a list of ports that write something after

  .include <bsd.port.mk>
  .include <bsd.port.post.mk>
  .include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"

or set MASTERDIR without being a slave port.

These are detected by version 2.4.8 of port devel/portlint, you can find 
referencs in the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook at: 


In most cases this is an attempt to work around the structure of bsd.port.mk.

Even though this may be an easy solution for the needs of your port, please 
think about an other way to do it.

Essentially all tools that work on the whole ports tree assume a certain 
uniformity in ports Makefiles, which goes beyond just compiling and installing 
without errors.

Non-adherence to standards makes it hard for people dealing with the ports 
tree as a whole, and hinders progress because small changes in bsd.port.mk may 
break your port.

If you do not know how to fix the port, ask at ports at FreeBSD.org or don't 
hesitate to contact me.

If there is currently no other way to do what you need for installing the 
port, this is an area where the bsd.port.mk has to be improved, and it is 
important that we get aware of this fact.

When there are only some comment lines at the end of the Makefile, please move 
or delete them. There is not FreeBSD standard that recommends ending a 
Makefile with '#EOF', and if not all ports do this it is of no use. I'm sorry 
if it hit some of Alan's ports with that, no disrespect intended.

Please excuse the inconvenience


clive at FreeBSD.org
 - chinese/bitchx
 - chinese/mutt

dinoex at FreeBSD.org
 - mail/sendmail

don at na.rim.or.jp
 - japanese/ruby-ming

eric at fractal.csie.org
 - chinese/links

fjoe at freebsd.org
 - databases/p5-DBD-Pg

girgen at pingpong.net
 - databases/postgresql7

gnome at FreeBSD.org
 - mail/mozilla-thunderbird
 - www/mozilla-firebird

honda at kashio.info.mie-u.ac.jp
 - japanese/ng-canna

jb.quenot at caraldi.com
 - www/resin2
 - www/resin3

jeh at FreeBSD.org
 - devel/arm-rtems-binutils
 - devel/arm-rtems-g77
 - devel/arm-rtems-gcc
 - devel/arm-rtems-gcj
 - devel/arm-rtems-gdb
 - devel/arm-rtems-objc
 - devel/i386-rtems-binutils
 - devel/i386-rtems-g77
 - devel/i386-rtems-gcc
 - devel/i386-rtems-gcj
 - devel/i386-rtems-gdb
 - devel/i386-rtems-objc
 - devel/i960-rtems-binutils
 - devel/i960-rtems-gcc
 - devel/i960-rtems-gdb
 - devel/m68k-rtems-binutils
 - devel/m68k-rtems-g77
 - devel/m68k-rtems-gcc
 - devel/m68k-rtems-gcj
 - devel/m68k-rtems-gdb
 - devel/m68k-rtems-objc
 - devel/mips-rtems-binutils
 - devel/mips-rtems-g77
 - devel/mips-rtems-gcc
 - devel/mips-rtems-gcj
 - devel/mips-rtems-gdb
 - devel/mips-rtems-objc
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-binutils
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-g77
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-gcc
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-gcj
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-gdb
 - devel/powerpc-rtems-objc
 - devel/sh-rtems-binutils
 - devel/sh-rtems-g77
 - devel/sh-rtems-gcc
 - devel/sh-rtems-gcj
 - devel/sh-rtems-gdb
 - devel/sh-rtems-objc
 - devel/sparc-rtems-binutils
 - devel/sparc-rtems-g77
 - devel/sparc-rtems-gcc
 - devel/sparc-rtems-gcj
 - devel/sparc-rtems-gdb
 - devel/sparc-rtems-objc

jihuang at gate.sinica.edu.tw
 - chinese/bind8

kde at freebsd.org
 - devel/qt-designer
 - devel/tinyq

knu at FreeBSD.org
 - japanese/ruby-romkan

lioux at FreeBSD.org
 - mail/qmail
 - sysutils/clockspeed

maho at FreeBSD.org
 - math/spooles-mpich
 - science/mpqc-mpich

mi at aldan.algebra.com
 - devel/tkp4

mita at FreeBSD.org
 - japanese/ghostscript-gnu-jpnfont
 - korean/ghostscript-gnu-korfont

nadav at cs.technion.ac.il
 - hebrew/pine

obrien at FreeBSD.org
 - shells/bash2
 - vietnamese/unicode-uhoai

openoffice at FreeBSD.org
 - portuguese/ooodict-pt_BR
 - portuguese/ooodict-pt_PT

orlando.bassotto at ieo-research.it
 - emulators/vmware3

ports at FreeBSD.org
 - audio/ermixer
 - databases/pydbdesigner
 - devel/cdialog
 - devel/invitation_to_ruby
 - devel/ossp-al
 - devel/ossp-cfg
 - devel/ossp-ex
 - devel/ossp-l2
 - devel/ossp-val
 - devel/ossp-var
 - devel/ruby-jttui
 - graphics/mgp-gallery
 - japanese/xvi-euc
 - japanese/xvi-sjis
 - net/ossp-sa
 - print/cups
 - print/cups-base
 - print/cups-lpr
 - sysutils/xstow
 - www/lynx-ssl

sada at FreeBSD.org
 - japanese/p5-manual

statue at freebsd.sinica.edu.tw
 - chinese/dictd

taguchi at tohoku.iij.ad.jp
 - x11-servers/XttXF86srv-common

tmutoh at mx10.freecom.ne.jp
 - japanese/ical

trevor at FreeBSD.org
 - audio/linux-mbrola

vanilla at FreeBSD.org
 - chinese/irssi

yatt at luna2.org
 - audio/timidity++-emacs

yssu at CCCA.NCTU.edu.tw
 - chinese/tin

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