Questions reg. PR ports/58120 print/lilypond

Patrick Atamaniuk atamaniuk-ports at
Thu Nov 13 05:56:49 PST 2003

Dear FreeBSD porters,

PR ports/58120 now is broken due recent commits. Second, these patches
do not resolve all issues found so far.
This pr also confuses due 2 patchsets which are mutually exclusive.

I don't think patches on patches make the issue more easy.

Should i request for close ports/58120 and file a new one or should i
follow up with a 3rd (complete) patchset?

print/lilypond depends (very) indirectly on print/pfaedit which has
open pr ports/58866 and ports/58865.
I tested these ([de|re]install|package|pkg_add|use application) and they 
do work fine.


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