perl5.8.2 port

tom tom at
Wed Nov 12 13:26:35 PST 2003


i portupgraded today and it seems it tried to upgrade my perl port from 5.8.1 to
5.8.2; since then perl ceased to work with the error 

[tom at www][10:11pm]/ports/lang/perl5.8>> perl5.8.2
/usr/libexec/ perl5.8.2: Undefined symbol "PL_exit_flags"

i even get this error when i call perl5.8.1!!!! only the perl from the base
system is functional (5.00503); perl isn`t anymore marked as a installed port
(pkg_info | grep -i ^perl) so i choose to  "make distclean" and "make install"
in the ports-dir but the later bounced with the error message above and didn`t
help the matter at all... 

i use a 4.8 FreeBSD and cvsupped the ports today. 

pls help, tom

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