Umm.. linux_base 7 default + linux_devtools 8 default conflict?

Trevor Johnson trevor at
Wed Nov 12 02:07:27 PST 2003

Jeremy Messenger wrote:

> I just installed linux_mesa3 (had to unbroke it by tweak) and that got me
> noticed something strange. I am not sure if it makes any sense by default,
> check here:
> emulators/linux_base -> 7
> devel/linux_devtools -> 8, but it depends on emulators/linux_base8..
> Shouldn't either one of it change to emulators/linux_base be 8 by default
> or devel/linux_devtools be 7 by default?

Well, there's no linux_devtools-8 because I didn't see the need to ask for
a repo copy.  The history I wanted was already in the removed
linux_devtools port.

These combinations should work:

- linux_devtools-6 and linux_base-6
- linux_devtools-7 and linux_base
- linux_devtools and linux_base-8

Once you choose to install one of the linux_devtools ports, it should
bring in the proper linux_base port as a dependency, or warn you of the
conflict if you already have another linux_base installed.  If I
understand you, you only find the naming confusing, right?
Trevor Johnson

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