ports containing perl modules go into /lib instead of /usr/local/lib

Pat Lashley patl+freebsd at volant.org
Mon Nov 10 19:29:09 PST 2003

--On Sunday, November 09, 2003 20:18:54 -0500 Adam Weinberger 
<adamw at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

>>> (11.09.2003 @ 2007 PST): Oliver Eikemeier said, in 0.7K: <<
>> Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> >
>> > Does anybody have any thoughts on this issue? I'd really like to have a
>> > solution in the archives about this.
>> >
>> >> For a while now, it seems that ports containing perl modules (such as
>> >> ImageMagick, rrdtool, and net-snmp to name a few) install the perl
>> >> components into /lib/perl5 instead of /usr/local/lib/perl5 like they
>> >> should (and as the pkg-plist expects).
>> Do we know how to reproduce this (i.e. 4.9-STABLE with lang/perl5 port)?
>>> end of "Re: ports containing perl modules go into /lib instead of
>>> /usr/local/lib" from Oliver Eikemeier <<
> I honestly don't know what the trigger is. It works fine on all of my
> boxes, but this symptom appears on a friend's box. He and I both run
> 4-STABLE with perl5.8 installed. I'm looking into it some more, but I'm

Could the problem lie in the contents of his Config.pm file?  Note
that there may be multiple copies of Config.pm.  For the ports-installed
versions, it should be in /usr/local/lib/perl5/<version>/mach/  For
the bundled version check /usr/libdata/perl5/5.00503/(mach/)

If he has both bundled and port-installed versions of perl installed,
it is possible that the wrong one is being used for the installs that
are going into the wrong place.

> curious if others have come across -- and fixed -- this problem.

I haven't seen this exact problem, or similar problems on FreeBSD; but
on Solaris I often run into Config.pm related problems when perl was
installed from a binary package downloaded from one of the standard sites
for open source packages to run on Sun systems.  The usual problem is
that the compiler and linker options are set for the Sun compilers but
the installed system uses gcc.


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