Ability for maintainers to update own ports

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Mon Nov 10 18:06:10 PST 2003

> I always wondered why we don't have a ports-FRESH and ports-TESTED,
> like we have -CURRENT and -STABLE.

Because of the duplication of the amount of resources needed to support it.
Now we have to think about (stable vs current) * (fresh vs tested), which is
basically 4 environments, each adding an incremental effort of QA.

I think it would take up more volunteer time than it would free up, myself.

> - the wish for a faster moving ports tree

This can be cured by getting more people involved as maintainers and
committers.  There is by no means a shortage of orphaned ports.  Everyone
should adopt one today! :-)

(Hint to readers: I doubt very many people have become ports committers
without being maintainers first)

> - and the wish for more QA in the PR database, i.e. documented procedures
>   how and in which timeframe a PR is handled.

And what should happen when it isn't?  Remember, you're herding cats
(volunteers), here.  Who will volunteer to be the authority in case of
disputes?  (Not me, sorry, I'm already booked solid...)


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