Ability for maintainers to update own ports

Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Mon Nov 10 16:19:33 PST 2003

>> (11.10.2003 @ 1908 PST): Sergey Matveychuk said, in 0.5K: <<
> Will Andrews wrote:
> >Sorry, but if you are unhappy with the speed at which ports get
> >updated, become a regular and you'll get a commit bit.  It's just
> >that simple.  For most maintainers it's not worth the effort
> >because practice makes a better porter.
> Is it so easy?
> Where can I get a mentor? :)
>> end of "Re: Ability for maintainers to update own ports" from Sergey Matveychuk <<

Submit lots of PRs, and a mentor will get you. As far as I'm concerned,
people get offerred commit bits because committers get sick of
committing so many PRs from somebody ;;)

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