Ability for maintainers to update own ports

Miguel Mendez flynn at energyhq.es.eu.org
Mon Nov 10 12:07:31 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 08:36:24 -0800
Will Andrews <will at csociety.org> wrote:

> Sorry, but if you are unhappy with the speed at which ports get
> updated, become a regular and you'll get a commit bit.  It's just
> that simple.  For most maintainers it's not worth the effort
> because practice makes a better porter.

That's only partially true, and hardly something I'd call a solution.
You already know that a lot of ports people only take care of their own
ports, so that only helps perpetuating the situation. Something like
NetBSD's pkgsrc-wip would work IF commiters had an active role and stuff
was merged on a regular basis. Just my HO.

	Miguel Mendez <flynn at energyhq.es.eu.org>

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