ports/57502: ports that define USE_* too late

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Sun Nov 9 05:32:52 PST 2003

Multiple ports define USE_* variables that are tested in bsd.port.pre.mk
*after* they include bsd.port.pre.mk, which results in that that directive
being ignored. Updated list (now that we have portlint support ;-):

3d at freebsd.org
- games/linux-q3ademo (USE_X_PREFIX)

avleeuwen at piwebs.com
- audio/yammi (USE_KDELIBS_VER)

brueffer at phoenix-systems.de

cyrille.lefevre at laposte.net
textproc/docbook-to-man (USE_IMAKE, USE_X_PREFIX)

desmo at bandwidth.org
x11-clocks/xalarm (USE_IMAKE, broken by kris@ in an efford to break it only on 5.x :) )

gnome at FreeBSD.org
- irc/xchat2 (USE_PYTHON)

goto at snowy.to
- irc/ircatlite (USE_X_PREFIX, broken by kris@ in an efford to break it only on 5.x :) )

jeremy at external.org
- sysutils/ipsc (USE_X_PREFIX)

jim at FreeBSD.org

jmz at FreeBSD.org
- games/qix (USE_X_PREFIX)
- x11/xgrab (USE_IMAKE)

jylefort at brutele.be
- mail/sylpheed-gtk2 (USE_OPENSSL)

lofi at freebsd.org
- security/pinentry (USE_QT_VER)

obrien at FreeBSD.org
- editors/vim (USE_PYTHON, USE_RUBY)

ports at FreeBSD.org
- databases/mdbtools (USE_X_PREFIX)
- x11-toolkits/viewklass (USE_X_PREFIX)

sysadmin at alexdupre.com
- databases/mysql41-server (USE_OPENSSL)

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