HEADSUP: XFree86 changes

Christopher Nehren apeiron at comcast.net
Sun Nov 9 05:38:21 PST 2003

> As part of this, I'll be converting the X Servers to use the (new, in
> some cases) shared libraries rather than each linking against static
> libraries built during the build of that server.

What about third-party drivers (like nVidia)? Will they run with these
new libraries? What about performance? And how would people deal with
building X software outside of the ports tree? Is there a test suite

I don't want to make this a bike shed (though I'm afraid that it will
probably become one, unfortunately). What I know is that a functional X
is very important to a large number of users. I use FreeBSD as my
desktop system, and would hate to have to install Linux because of a
lack of a functional X. I've done it before, and it's not a pretty

Thanks in advance for your response. And I apologize if this seems like
an attack.

Best regards,
Christopher Nehren
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